On my way...

When you are reading this I'm on my way to a new location in Spain. I'm looking forward to all the new adventures, the new school and people. I know a lot more spanish now than I did when I first got to Mallorca in february, but I hope to learn sooo much more!

International House in Palma was way different than I thought it would be. In their brochure they had written down things that I was really looking forward to, but it turned out that what was in the brochure was not what the school offered which made me really disappointed.
What I knew was that I was doing a standard course in spanish, but when I got to Mallorca it turned out they didn't have any standard courses, only an intensive course. I really got the wrong information. I've worked hard to be able to go on this trip and it took me a year to decide where to go and all the details about it, and all my decisions, I made specificly because of the information I had gotten. Therefore i hope for a bit more of that in the school I will go to now, from start tomorrow!
Even though I got disappointed of the school I've had a great time here in Mallorca. I have visit places I hadn't been before, spent time with amazing people and been really happy because it has been springtime since february! I will come back, Mallorca has been my second home during the last year and that hasn't changed!

Wodden bracelet

When we went to Valldemossa we found some nice souvenirshops which had lots of wodden stuff, like many other places on the island. I felt like it was time for me to get something and I decided on a nice wodden bracelet with some golden pearls. What do you think about it?

My last week in Mallorca

My last weekend before leaving Mallorca turned out to be really good.
We watched the Tintin movie (which was good, I recommend it!), went to Palma Nova and Porto Pi. We had lunch in Pizza Hut one day, played some pool and bowling.
During the sunday it rained a lot, but we were lucky enough to go on the dog walk when the rain stopped for an hour! It was also lots of thunder and lightning during the day, so we ended up playing games and watch some TV series. I'm crazy about The Big Bang Theory and Hawaii 5 0, I mean how can you not be?

The last week of school here in Mallorca started a couple of days ago. They put two groups together and for me who were in the lower one it's more difficult now which I don't really like. It's already a very intense course, which I actually had no idea about when going here, and make it even harder is just not a great idea. But then again, there is a lot of things that have happened which I didn't expect at all, but I guess that's called life. Right now I feel like a need a vacation, but hopefully a change of location will be as good! :)

I will miss these beautiful mountains, that's for sure!

New tops please...

The problem with living in another country for just some time, for someone who is really into fashion, is the amount of things you can bring with you. After being in Spain for 7 weeks I feel like going home and change all the clothes to other ones since I'm a bit tired of the ones I have here. Even though I only brought things I really like, the things I would want to wear all the time normally, I feel like I need some updates in my wardrobe (or should I say bag?). Thankfully I can go shopping! Sadly I don't find as much as I would want to... but my wallet are very pleased because of that! Anyway, here are some of my favorites right now that I would be pleased to see in my own traveling wardrobe!

Photos: Forever21


Just the other week we went to Valldemossa for an hour. Just to see the place and walk around a bit.
It was a perfect quick tour on the first day off school during easter!

Outfit - a week ago

Top - BikBok
Jacket - Stradivarius
Shorts - TopShop
Handbag - Björn Borg

My week here in Spain

Today I have finished week number 7 of my weeks of school here in Spain. That week number 7 is over means I only have 1 week left here in Mallorca. Next sunday = another location in Spain, exciting!

This week has been very busy, even though monday was easter and a day off school. That day I was out by the pool trying to get some tan and yes, it actually worked a little bit, so now I don't look at some ghost everytime I look in the mirror.
This week I've been to porto pi, a shopping mall, and found absolutely nothing. To be honest it just felt like a waste of time but I guess it's like that sometimes. At least I saved a lot of money and that means I can have lots of fun now, right? This week we've also been celebrating a birthday, went to the cinema to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (which was a great movie, see it!), been to a very good galician restaurante and yesterday we went to the easter fair. I used to go to the tivoli Gröna Lund almost every year back home, until i turned 16 or something, and I used to love it. I loved the easter fair but to be honest, I was so scared of all the big rides, they were absolutely horrible. I think I'm too old for those kind of rides but I don't really mind. I loved the funny one, it reminded me of "Lustiga huset" back home (for all of you who knows about it). What I really loved about this fair was the feeling, the people and of course, the famous churros. Churros is a special snack here in Spain, tastes a bit like donuts but not exactly the same. It's really worth trying and if I would get to chance to have them again I definitely would!

Now the weekend has started and I'm not sure of the plans. I want to relax, spend a lot of time with my other half, maybe watch some movies and try to get some tan if the sun shows.

Here is a couple of photos from Palma Nova about a month ago

Tropical Minigolf

About a week ago we went to Palma Nova to try out the tropical minigolf. I like minigolf, but I don't do it that often, so I figure it would be a good idea to do it here when we actually knew about a place! I'm really happy that we went because I've never in my life seen such a beautiful minigolf place before!

My new shoes

I love shopping and of course I've been on some shopping tours since I got here! Normally I always find something here in Mallorca, mostly because they have nice stores that we don't have in Sweden, but also because it's a bit cheaper. I've been to Zara a few times and found some nice stuff, here is the amazing shoes I found there, much cheaper than shoes normally are in that store. I'm actually still surpriced that I paid less than 30 euros for them! They are really comfortable and I hope to get some opportunity to wear them, at least back home :)

Lunch in the sun - last week

One day after school last week, me and a friend decided to explore Palma a bit more and go for a nice lunch somewhere. After lots of walking we decided to go to the tourist place Plaza Mayor. Said and done. Here in the photos we are at a nice restaurante close to Plaza Mayor!

I heard something about snow...

Here in Spain it's just a bit less than 20 degrees today, it's sunny but it also has been raining a bit. I seriously can't complain at all, especielly since I heard it is going to be snow in Sweden during easter! I feel so lucky to be in Spain right now. I mean I like snow, during wintertime like november-february, not in april.

Yesterday I finished the second book in school and had the second test. It's going really fast, much faster than I ever thought, but it feels like I'm doing okay. I know I'm learning, mostly because I sometimes just answer things in spanish (only easy stuff ofc) but also because I'm not translating everything in my head anymore and someone once told me that when you stop doing that and when you start dreaming in another language, you're actually doing pretty good! There is no school until tuesday because of easter and to be honest, it's feels good. I need to clear my head a bit, go through everything we've done for the past couple of weeks and just get the last things into my head properly.

I'm spending this weekend with my other half, playing games, having lunch/dinner with friends, hopefully see a couple of movies and just relaxing a bit. If it get hot enough I'll go out to the pool in a bikini and trying to get some tan, feels like I really need that!

This is what Stockholm looked like when I left

And this is what Mallorca looked like during my first week here (last week of february)

Outfit Mallorca

Outfit from beginning of march

Top - MQ
Sweater - Vero Moda
Leggings - MQ
Necklace - Mallorca, Palma

Cala Mayor Beach

Cala Mayor Beach is probably the beach I will always go to at least once every time I'm in Mallorca.
It's peaceful, beautiful, not too big and not too many tourists. About two weeks ago I went there, it was actually the first time I went to the beach this year, with a friend from school.
It feels pretty amazing to be in Europe and still be able to go to the beach in march!

1st of April

So much has been going on during the last weeks.
I've now been in school for 5 weeks, I've had my first exam, finished the first book, visiting the cathedral, going to the beach for the first time this year, having lunch with friends, boyfriend came back home, going shopping, salsadancing, going out, going up to the mountains, celebrating my 20th birthday, go play minigolf, being sick and so much more... Photos will come!

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