Vejer - La ciudad blanca

Vejer, a white city (very small) in the south of Spain.
I visited this city a sunny saturday in the end of May.

Swedish House Mafia

23rd of November 2012!

Cádiz is an amazing place!

Me pones tierno

Rasel - Me pones tierno ft. Carlos Baute

From Beachandmotion

A couple of months ago I won a blogcontest at Junitjejen, and I got 500kr to spend on either Snowandmotion or Beachandmotion. Last week I finally decided what I wanted, and ordered two things that I don't like to spend money on normally, but that are necessary to have in your wardrobe! These are the two things I ordered:

A sportsbra and a pair of socks from Happy Socks!


With a couple of shops nearby with only accessories here in Cádiz you kind of want more. I normally try not to buy too much since I don't use it as much. I also find clothes shopping much more fun. I normally find the one necklace, earrings or bracelet that I love and use it sooo much. That and because I'm a bit sensitive when I don't use real silver or gold I just try to ignore other type of accessories. But with time I've bought some that I'm happy with and that I can use, therefore I more and more look for it! Here are some accessories that I would be happy to find in my closet!

Photos: Forever21

You won't understand how much it hurts to let you go

Was I invading in on your secrets
Was I too close for comfort
You're pushing me out when I wanted in
What was I just about to discover
When I got too close for comfort
Guess I'll never know

When I needed you the most you chose to let me down

Outfit Cádiz

Dress -
Shoes - MaryPaz

My future

I thought I knew my future, at least a part of it
Now I know nothing about it
But I'll be okay, that is the best and the worst part of it.

Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera is a city really close to Cádiz.
Here are some photos from one day in Jerez with my parents.

Bailando Por Ahi

After two nights out this weekend I'm starting to realize that I actually go home soon. I love the life here and I will miss it so much, and one of the things I will miss the most is the amazing music!
Here are one of my favorites songs right now!

Juan Magan - Bailando Por Ahi

Pink dress

A few weeks ago I bought an amazing dress, from Zara.
It's absolutely perfect for the summer and I love it!

The future

I've got the rest of my life ahead of me
And I am happy of what I have in that life.
Friends, family... People that I care about so much!
I feel like whatever happens now,
It will be okay.
Thanks to you, the people I love!


A bunch of photos has been taken during my time in Spain and here are some from lovely Cádiz!
The beach here is amazing with all the old buildings close by.

Gillar/Ogillar Spain 2012

Att vara i Spanien och kunna njuta av livet här
Att jag verkligen lärt mig en hel del spanska
Att stranden bara ligger ett par hundra meter från skolan
Att jag snart får komma hem till alla nära och kära

Att vädret går så mycket upp och ner, ena dagen knappt 20 grader, nästa dag 40
Att allt på spansk tv är dubbat
Att butiker (inkl. matbutiker) är stängda på söndagar
Att det snart är dags att åka hem

En dag utanför skolan på rasten

Going out dresses

I can't wait til I get home and can go out with my friends again. I miss them so much and I always have the best time with them. Every time I see them I always smile and feel happy. Going out in the summer makes it possible to just wear a dress without jackets and everything else. These are my favorite going out dresses right now!

Photos: Forever21

La playa

When I'm leaving this place in a couple of weeks I will really miss the beach.
I love having the beach next to the school, it is absolutely amazing!

This day

Dagens humör: Pigg och glad
Dagens kläder: Mjukisbyxor, linne och collegetröja
Dagens frisyr: Utsläppt
Dagens roliga: Are we done yet?
Dagens tråkiga: Rensa i lägenheten
Dagens låt: No one
Dagens tv-program: Happy Endings
Dagens väder: 4 grader eller nåt sånt
Dagens frukost: Apelsinjuice och mjölk
Dagens lunch: Hallonsmoothie
Dagens middag: Potatisgratäng med fläskfilé inlindat i bacon
Dagens humör: Trött och lycklig av att se delfiner och valar ute i det vilda
Dagens kläder: Jeans från Zara, linne från Gina Tricot, kofta från Lindex samt sandaler från Marypaz
Dagens frisyr: Utsläppt
Dagens roliga: Att få se delfiner hoppa framför båtar
Dagens tråkiga: Vädret kunde varit bättre
Dagens låt: Flera Veronica Maggio
Dagens tv-program: Bones
Dagens väder: 25 grader, mulet samt strålande sol


For the first time in more than 5 years I watched Eurovision song contest this year. I liked a few of the songs and some of them I just wondered why they were in the competition... In the end the beautiful Loreen who represented Sweden won, here is the now really famous song Euphoria!

Loreen - Euphoria

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