Say It Right

Nelly Furtado - Say It Right

The lovely details

I can't get enough of focusing on the details
Photos: Forever21

Christmas dress

Om mindre än fyra veckor är det julafton och jag skulle verkligen vilja få tag på en härlig röd klänning dagen till ära. Jag tycker just att röda klänningar till jul är svåra att få tag på då det ofta är fel röd nyans, för utmanande eller liknande. Inne hos Modegalleran har jag dock hittat en goding, vad sägs om denna:
Jag tycker den är skitsnygg! Ni hittar den här!

Photos from Palma Nova and Magaluf last year

I went to Palma Nova and Magaluf last year and here are some photos from those nights

Coral bikini

I love coral, it's an amazing colour that you really can't explain until you see it.
This spring I found an amazing bikini in this particular colour and I just had to have it!
I think I saw a similar one last year, but I'm not sure if it is the exact same one. From H&M.
I bet it will look even more amazing when you've got a bit of a tan!

A rainy saturday in Barcelona



Abby: Thank you Sir!
Gibbs: Don't call me Sir
Abby: Thank you ma'am!


I love black, but sometimes colours are just right!
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Get Over It

Avril Lavigne - Get Over It

The beauty in the world

Look at the bright side of life


A while ago I won a give away hosted by Therez. It was a voucher at I was so happy to win and after looking at all the things in their webshop I finally decided on what I wanted. These are the two items I decided on. The perfect black leatherbag and a pair of cool wooden earrings!
To be honest, I don't really like buying things online. I always feel so much safer when go shopping in a real store and I always like to see things in real life before deciding on buying it. BUT, I am really happy of how everything turned out when it comes to Boticca. The service was amazing, my two items were even more amazing in the reality than they seem to be in the photos. I am happily surprised of how easy and nice it was to buy things on Boticca and I would definitely recommend it! :)
Thank you Therez and Boticca for making this possible for me!

Mix of photos from Cádiz

The perfect place

It's still autumn

Autumn clothes
Photos: Forever21

Heart On Fire

Scars On 45 - Heart On Fire

Some people call it love, and I'm one of those people

Someone who cares enough about you to respect you.

Gillar/Ogillar November 2012

Att all gammal musik kommer tillbaka och är så JÄKLA bra!
Att jag köpt ett träningskort och börjat använda det
Alla underbara TV-serier som jag tittat igenom på senaste tiden
Hur underbart mycket godare Coca Cola är sedan jag slutat dricka det dagligen
Att min förkylning satt sig på mina stämband
Människor som inte har respekt för andra
Hur mycket jag än rensar garderoben som finns det aldrig tillräckligt med plats
Att det mesta verkar gå att lösa så länge man lägger energi på det

Sagrada Familia

In Barcelona

My favorites

Things I love just a bit more than any other material things right now...
Photos: Forever21

High waist jeans

This summer I found a pair of high waist jeans.
I had been looking for it for a while so I was really happy to find them!

My weekend

Have had a perfect weekend with amazing friends

Jar of Hearts

Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts

Es Trenc

A beautiful beach on Mallorca I visited last year

Shirts... Is that really me?

The one thing in the wardrobe that I don't use that much is shirts. I've always had trouble wearing it since I don't really think it's my style.. That might sound silly and I'm trying to wear the ones I've got sometimes anyway. Right now I would want to have new ones that are a bit different, that way I think I would wear it more often. Here are some of my favorites right now that I would want to have in my wardrobe!
Photos: Forever21

It's not always the way it seems

Things are not the way you think they are,
It won't be what you expect it to be,
It might not even be what you hope it to be.
But, the things you least expect, those things do come true.

This is what I've been doing today

One simple outfit

Sometimes simple is just right!
Here are one of my favorites simple outfits during the autumn.
Dress - VILA
Leggings - Twilfit
Necklace - Accessorize


Time really flies by! It's already november, the first snow came one and a half week ago but was gone again next morning. I've been studying, dreaming in spanish, been to a halloween party dressed as the devil, out eating tapas with a friend, celebrated relatives, been to a couple of events, watching movies, went swimming a couple of times and lots of other stuff. Right now I don't have too much to do which feels nice after weeks of hard studying! In just a few weeks it will be time to make saffron buns and gingerbread, decorate the house and start listen to all the christmas songs. I really can't wait. The christmas spirit is something I really love!

La Feria del Caballo

In may I went to Jerez de la Frontera with friends to visit the famous fair; La Feria del Caballo. It was definitely something you can't experience in Sweden and I really liked it! We spent a saturday afternoon and evening there. The people were so friendly and the food was really good. That weekend the weather was amazing but almost a but too hot! For a couple of days we had between 37 and 43 degrees in the shadow... And this was in may! Here are some photos from that day!

Black details

This is my new top from Topshop. I absolutely love it!

Lovely autumn clothes

There is something about all clothingstores during autumn. It's possible to find amazing autumn clothes pretty much everywhere and there is something for everyone. I have too much things already, but I'd love to get some new things to the wardrobe anyway!
Photos: Forever21


Rihanna - Diamonds
I'm so happy I got the chance to see Rihanna live in Stockholm last year!
The show was amazing, just as her voice and songs!


My goodiebag from the Sephora opening.

My style

This is "typical me" right now!
Photos: Forever21

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