Always on my mind

- You got travelling on your mind
Oh yes I have!

Call Me Maybe

Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe
I really like the video!

Wishes for the wardrobe

During autumn I go out for dinner, party, movies or other things more than usual. I think it might be because you try hard to have lots of fun while it's getting darker and colder. To me, getting busy is a good way to make the time go faster but also a way to find those moments you enjoy the most without having the time to think about it beforehand. Because of all this I always try to have a lot of going out clothes and more nice ones, because dressing up is a part of the night out! Here are some favorites that I would love to have in my wardrobe this autumn!
Photos: Forever21


Having a bit of vacation from work for a couple of weeks felt good, I got to do things I haven't had time for lately, spent time with friends and just enjoying to have time off. Normally i'm not able to read a magazine, a book, watch a movie and things like that all the time because of the lack of time. But now the vacation is over and I've already spent the last few nights at work.
If we didn't knew it already, the summer is over and the autumn is already here. Less than 10 degrees at night and you already want to put on all the knitted clothing! I've started look for winterclothes I need and last week I took out my autumn jacket and prepared my boots for a looooong autumn and winter. It's crazy to feel like the autumn just got here since I feel like I left the summer when I left Spain 3 months ago, because we haven't had any good summer here in Stockholm this year.. It actually feels like I came home late august and then the time stopped for a couple of months to start with autumn for real after that.
Whatever weather we have, whatever I do, I still feel happy to be right here right now and I'm doing everything I possibly can to take advantage of it and not take anything for granted. I'm enjoying the fresh air outside, the movienights, the scented candles inside when the dark comes at night, my wardrobe that feels like a new one everyday I open a door to it and all the nice things that comes with this season!
Me a couple of weeks ago, out celebrating a friend

To be different

No matter what we felt during the time we grew up,
we are who we are now, and we are here and nowhere else.
You've always been so you, in a bubble, a dark one, with no ending.
You've been there, for as long as I've known you.
During the same time I've been in my happy bubble.
I've made my dreams come true and you have done what?
Changed your mind one hundred times.
We are different. Very different.

A favorite

One of my favorite products ever is this amazing body butter and after sun from Hawaiian Tropic. I never go through a summer without it and I never pack a travelling bag to a warm place without it!

Puerto de Sóller, 1st of March

Here are some photos from the day I went to Puerto de Sóller!


Ställ in ”shuffle” på spotifylistan du lyssnar mest på, nämn de 10 första låtarna.

1. Augustana - Rest, Shame, Love
2. Marcy Playground - One More Suicide
3. Boyce Avenue - Every Breath
4. The Sounds - 24 Hours
5. Gavin DeGraw - Run Every Time
6. Nickelback - Never Again
7. DC Talk - In The Light
8. Stone Sour - Through Glass
9. Rihanna, Eminem - Love The Way You Lie part 2
10. Shakira - Why Wait

Old photoshoot

Here are some photos from a photoshoot 2012

Give Me Something

Scars on 45 - Give Me Something
One of my favorites right now, by the amazing band Scars on 45.


I force myself to do it because all I want to do is to remember.
All of those moments of happiness and sadness.
I want them to be like fresh memories so that I don't loose any of it on the way. 

In every colour

When you love clothes and fashion like I do, you often find things in more than one colour and you just can't decide which one to get or which one you like the most. Here are some of my favorites right now in three different colours, and I like them all!
Photos: Forever21

Marilyn Monroe

To all the girls that think you're ugly because you're not size zero,
you're the beautiful one, it's society who's ugly.
Marilyn Monroe

Tibidabo part 3, Barcelona

The last photos from Tibidabo in Barcelona


I have not been doing a lot a shopping since I came back from Spain. Mostly because I bought a lot of new things in Spain but also because I realized that I have so much in my own closet that I didn't get to use during those 4 months. But off course I can't stop with the shopping completely, but right now I'm trying to think twice before I buy something and that makes it more fun! For a very long time I've been looking for something with leopard pattern, and this summer I finally find something that I think will work in my closet. Here is my new leopard top that I hope to use in the near future!

Scars on 45 and Joshua Radin

On monday night I went to Berns to see Joshua Radin. But first, to start the night, the brittish band Scars on 45 came up on stage and did an amazing show. I got blown away by their songs and their amazing accents. Joshua Radin was amazing, I did not expect anything else but I was really surprised by how amazing he was! Here are some photos from the great night I had!

Bikinis from Greta

Like the goodiebag on the event I went to a couple of weeks ago wasn't enough... Last week I got a package home with two bikinis from Greta! It's my favorite type of bikini and the colours look amazing. I think these two will be perfect for next summer or maybe sooner, on a holiday in the sun! 

I love bikinis and I always find too many I want to buy... I've already bought three new ones this year and last year four. Do I even have to say that I've only used 2 of the last 7 I've bought?! I just can't get enough of them. I don't buy the very expensive ones and I'm not planning on changing that since so far I'm happy with the quality of the ones I have!

Sóller, Mallorca - 1st of March

The first of march this year I visited Sóller for the first time, a really nice place in Mallorca.
The day I was there was a special day, "The Day of the Balearic Islands" and a lot of things were going on around the island! Here are some photos from the time I spent in the town before going for lunch in Puerto de Sóller. Like you can see on the last photos there was still a bit of snow on the top of the mountains!




Joshua Radin on monday :)

Dance Again

Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull - Dance Again

Two amazing dresses

These two dresses are amazing and I would love to have them in my wardrobe.
But would I use them? Probably not..
Photos: Nelly

Favorites from The Body Shop

Here are a couple of my favorites from The Body Shop.
A scented candle with vanilla flavour and a lip balm with strawberry flavour!


The weekend was amazing. Spent friday night out having dinner with a bunch of girls and then afterwards met up with everyone else and spent an amazing night out. Dinner. drinks and dancing with some of the favorite people, that's what I call a perfect night out! Saturday I spent in town and went to the chocolate factory, they really do have some of the best chocolate in the world! I spent the rest of the weekend talking walks and at home watching movies. I just needed time to settle into everything, because now I'm not restless at all, I just love to get some time to do whatever I like to do. 
Right now I'm trying to make a cold go away faster than it showed, which is really really fast, by eating lots of fruit. Kiwi, oranges and grapefruit. I love fruit and I almost never can't get enough of it. After my two months in Cádiz going to the market every week to get the really fresh and nice fruit and make sure I always have fruit at home. It definitely feels fresh and better than every other snack! Berries and fruit are the best for your health!

Be positive

All you need is positivity

To dress up

After having such an amazing friday night celebrating a friends 20th birthday I wish for more party clothes in my wardrobe. I love to dress up, even if it's just for a dinner out or a movie and I always want more clothes for those amazing nights out! Here are some things I would love to have in my wardrobe right now!
Photos: Forever21

Tibidabo part 2, Barcelona

Here are some more photos from Tibidabo in Barcelona

The Vow

Maffiga halsband från är en smyckesbutik på nätet som har en hel del härliga grejer,
här kommer ett erbjudande till er läsare!
Här är några av mina favoriter just nu, maffiga halsband är ju så snyggt nu till hösten!

Puerto de Santa Maria

During my time in Cádiz I decided I wanted to go by boat to Puerto de Santa Maria for a day. Said and done. During the weekend my parents came to visit we took the boat to the port and to the famous seafood restaurant Romerijo! Here are some amazing photos from that day!


Right now I have vacation from work. It's nice to have some time off after working the whole summer but I also feel a bit restless. I'm trying to do everything I haven't had the time for lately (like going to the hairdresser, for the first time in 2 years I actually left the hair salon feeling happy with how my hair turned out!), meeting up with friends and make plans for the future. It's so sad that the summerheat is gone because I really could need a couple of days of "the real summer" who refused to come to Sweden this year. But at the same time I can't help feeling happy about spending a whole night inside infront of the TV watching a really good movie. Since I've been working nights all summer I havn't had one of those nights since the spring! 
Right now I'm dreaming about going somewhere, close or far away doesn't matter, for a few days. Just explore a new place, the feeling that you're not able to do anything useful except being happy about spending sometime in another country! It would be nice to do that, but on the other hand... I haven't spent too much time home here in Sweden, so maybe it's time to be happy and feel that it's enough. Because I really do have the best people in the world around me and I always have a good time whenever I go out with my friends!

The autumn seems to be here already

This summer has not been the best in Sweden, it's barely been sunny and warm and the times it has, I've been working anyway. But I'm happy even though it hasn't been the perfect summer, most likely because I've already spent 4 months in Spain and the last of them on the beach at least 3-5 times a week! Anyway, the autumn seems to be here so now it's time to start using the autumnclothes! Here are some I would want to have in my wardrobe this autumn!
Photos: Forever21

Gillar/Ogillar September 2012

Att jag för första gången på ett par år är riktigt nöjd efter ett frisörbesök
Att ha semester
Att jag har underbara människor runt omkring mig
Att jag har något roligt inplanerat i vinter
Vädret, helt uppochner vänt
Att sommaren verkar vara över
Att det aldrig finns tillräckligt med tid
Att mörkret kommer krypande tillbaka efter bara ett par månader av ljus

True friends

People who makes you smile is the kind of people you should be around.

Castillo de San Sebastián en Cádiz

Some photos from my walk out to Castilla de San Sebastián in Cádiz


Went on an event by Damernas Värld and Åhléns last sunday when it was raining as much as possible here in Stockholm. During a couple of hours we sat there and listened to interviews of the winners of Guldknappen. It was nice and I've never been to anything like it before. I won the tickets in a contest and with us home we got to take a goodiebag filled with nice things. It wasn't just a thing or two in them, instead we got more than you ever can ask for to get for free! You can see what we got on the photos here below

It's weird how it all can change so much

Now you're just somebody that I used to know.

Michel Teló

Michel Teló - Ai Se Eu Te Pego

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