This special drawing is up on my wall now and I couldn't be happier!

Things for spring and summer

I really long for spring and summer now. Here are some things I would have love wear as soon as the snow is gone and we'll get some warmer temperature!
Photos: Forever21

First time in Africa

Photos from Boa Vista airport

Gillar/Ogillar February 2012

Att dagarna blir ljusare
Att tiden går snabbt på ett bra sätt
Att det är mycket nytt som händer
Alla fina stunder med de människor jag inte klarar mig utan
Folk som försöker förstöra för andra
Att det är lite för mycket att göra just nu
Att det fortfarande dröjer ett bra tag innan våren är här på riktigt
All väntan..

A Saturday Outfit

An outfit a couple of weeks ago
Top - Minkpink
Cardigan - New Yorker
Jeans - Zara
Necklace and bracelet - Snö of Sweden

I Wanna Be With You

I Wanna Be With You - Mandy Moore

In the studio

Photo taken November 2012


Alcohol may be man's worst enemy,
but the bible says love your enemy.
/ Frank Sinatra

Bright colours

I've heard that you should wear clothes with bright colours during the wintertime instead of just black. Apparently it's supposed to "pick you up" a little bit since it's darker outside than it is during the summertime. I've actually never thought about that before and I don't know if it actually helps. I'm normally very comfortable in black, but it would be fun to try the bright colours for a while as well! Here are a few bright things I would love to have in my wardrobe right now to try this out!
Photos: Forever21


With not so much free time right now it's impossible to do everything. I'm studying, working and trying to find time to do everything else. To be in university sure is different! Every day passes really quickly and I'm not sure if that's a good or bad sign right now.
I'm sure everything will turn out great, just let it take the time it needs and then everything will work out to the best possible <3

On a catamaran in Cabo Verde


Make you feel my love <3

Adele - Make you feel my love

Summer outfit in Cape Verde

Top - BikBok
Shorts - Cubus
Shoes - MaryPaz
Cardigan - VILA
Handbag - Topshop


Life is built on hope, strengthened by faith and made richer by love and friendship


Cardigans is something I use a lot all year round. Because of that I try to have a lot of different kinds, styles and colours, so I don't get tired of the ones I have. Even though I don't really need any new ones I would love to have these in my wardrobe!
Photos: Forever21

Necklace from Sfera

I'm not the kind of person who buys jewelry all the time. I think it's because I'd rather buy something else..
Apart from that, I sometimes do buy some jewelry, and here is the one necklace I bought during my time in Spain last year. I found it in the store Sfera and I really like it because it is so unique compared to the jewelry I normally wear.


Dagens humör: Trött och lite uttråkad pga allt skolarbete
Dagens kläder: Jeans från Zara, blus från Minkpink, kofta från New Yorker
Dagens frisyr: Utsläppt
Dagens tråkiga: Min nya bok jag måste läsa pga skolarbete
Dagens roliga: Att jag somnade när jag läste boken
Dagens tv-program: Bones, NCIS
Dagens väder: Soligt men kallt, tror temperaturen ligger runt -4
Dagens önskning: Att få vara någon annanstans..
Dagens måste: Plugga
Photo from september 2012

Photo from last night

31st of January

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