Mix photos from Mallorca 2012

Photos say more than words

Mix of photos from Cádiz

The perfect place

La Feria del Caballo

In may I went to Jerez de la Frontera with friends to visit the famous fair; La Feria del Caballo. It was definitely something you can't experience in Sweden and I really liked it! We spent a saturday afternoon and evening there. The people were so friendly and the food was really good. That weekend the weather was amazing but almost a but too hot! For a couple of days we had between 37 and 43 degrees in the shadow... And this was in may! Here are some photos from that day!

The place I've called my second home for the last years

A place I'll always go back to.
Here are some photos from the time I spent there in february- april

A mix of photos

From my time in Mallorca this year

Torre Tavira Cádiz

There is a tower called Torre Tavira in Cádiz where you can see basically the whole city. They also have something called Camera Obscura, on a white table they show you the reflection of the city and everything moving right now which is very cool! A guide is showing a group of people and at the same time explaining and talk about the history of the city. I loved the show and that the guide spoke in spanish and then english, that way I got to practice my spanish! It only costs a few euros and it's definitely worth a visit!
Here are some photos from my visit there!

A bunch of...

...Photos from my first week in Mallorca this year

Puerto de Sóller, 1st of March

Here are some photos from the day I went to Puerto de Sóller!

Sóller, Mallorca - 1st of March

The first of march this year I visited Sóller for the first time, a really nice place in Mallorca.
The day I was there was a special day, "The Day of the Balearic Islands" and a lot of things were going on around the island! Here are some photos from the time I spent in the town before going for lunch in Puerto de Sóller. Like you can see on the last photos there was still a bit of snow on the top of the mountains!



Puerto de Santa Maria

During my time in Cádiz I decided I wanted to go by boat to Puerto de Santa Maria for a day. Said and done. During the weekend my parents came to visit we took the boat to the port and to the famous seafood restaurant Romerijo! Here are some amazing photos from that day!

Castillo de San Sebastián en Cádiz

Some photos from my walk out to Castilla de San Sebastián in Cádiz

Dinner on the beach in the sunset

I'll always remember,
I'll never forget such a perfect night


Banana Boat, the second time

My second time on the banana boat, which was the best time ever! Mostly because the water wasn't absolutely freezing anymore, but also because I wasn't as scared as I was the first time and I enjoyed every moment I had with my amazing friends, I felt happy and lucky to have such amazing people around me to share this with!


When walking next to the big beach in Cádiz you can see people building sandcastles. It's not just any sandcastles, these ones are pretty amazing!

Tapas y tapas y tapas...

First when I arrived to Cádiz I couldn't find any amazing restaurants, but after spending some time in the city, going out for tapas with friends and school I found some good places. Here are some photos of the amazing spanish tapas during my time in Cádiz!

Cádiz - La Caleta

The famous beach, La Caleta.
The beach in the old part of Cádiz.
A famous place since the movies Knight and Day and James Bond Die Another Day among others have scenes from this beach.

Senator Cádiz Spa Hotel

When my parents came to Cádiz to visit, they stayed at Senator Cádiz Spa Hotel. An amazing hotel in the old part of Cádiz, close to restaurants and shopping. On the roof they had a pool and in the basement a spa.

While In Cádiz



The city Tarifa, famours for all their surfers, in the south of Spain. 
I went there to go on a boat and get the chance to see whales and dolphins in the wild.
An amazing experience and something I would love to do again!

Vejer - La ciudad blanca

Vejer, a white city (very small) in the south of Spain.
I visited this city a sunny saturday in the end of May.

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