Through the glass

How do you feel? That is the question.

Because life takes you places you never thought you'd be


From a day on the beach


Every day is like a dream


Enjoy every single moment of life


Life takes you places you never would have dreamed of


What if every day was as relaxing as a day on the beach


Would you ever see if I walked passed you?


With wind in my hair...

... I'm thinking about what makes a difference in life

The beach... one of my favourite places!

Listen to and watch the ocean is relaxing


Another world


Because all you see in the reflection is the never ending beach...


Imagine if every day would be like a walk on the beach


Sand, freckles and sunkissed skin


Throwback thursday - photoshoot on the beach


Keep Dreaming


Less is more


Know what your goal is...

...and go after it!


You can always find the truth in the eyes

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