Jewelry wants

Here are some jewelry wants
Photos: Forever21


Don't think too much.
You'll create a problem that wasn't there in the first place.


It's almost the end of september and a part of me is wondering what happened. Everything goes so fast nowdays, at least it feels that way! I've had the time to be sick, start university again, finished the first course, going to the cinema a few times and taken care of things that needed to be done. That's basically my september this year. Not that much fun but not horrible either so I really shouldn't complain. Movies has been a big part of this month and I've seen a lot of them and I can't say anything else but this; I love movies!
The autumn is definitely here to stay and it gets colder each day. Before we know it it will be winter all over again, just like every year. But before that I'm going to be happy about all the lovely leaves and everything else the autumn brings us.
Photo from last year

I'm so glad I found you

You are one of the most amazing people I know.
You have a big heart and are the kindest to people around you.
I feel really bad for all the people in world who doesn't have you in their life.
I'm so lucky to have you as my friend <3

Am I Wrong

ENVY - Am I Wrong

Time for autumn

The autumn is here to stay and here are some of my wants for this year!
Photos: Forever21

Forgive and forget

Forgiving people who have hurt you is your gift to them.
Forgetting people who have hurt you is your gift to you.

Beautiful Disaster

Kelly Clarkson - Beautiful Disaster

Summer photos

Out with the boat in the summer

Studio photography

Black and white

A summer outfit in Stockholm

Outfit from the beginning of the summer
Dress - H&M
Shoes - Skopunkten
Sunglasses - Lindex
Handbag - Accent


You treated me like an option.
- So I left you like a choice.

Jewelry for autumn

Here are some jewelry I would love to wear this autumn!
Photos: Forever21

New handbag

A couple of weeks ago I found a really nice handbag and decided to get it. It's from Scorett. It's big, black and with fringes. It doesn't look like anything I have in my wardrobe which makes it uniq :) I'm sure I will get a chance to use it a lot!

Let me go

Denis Graca - Let me go


No one ever gets tired of loving.
They just get tired of waiting, assuming, hearing lies, saying sorry and hurting.

Summer house

Here are some photos from the time I've spent at my summer house

Tick Of Time

The Kooks - Tick Of Time

Autumn clothes

The autumn seems to be here more or less and that makes me want to update my wardrobe. The autumn is a fresh start and what goes better with a fresh start than new clothes? Here are some I would love to wear this autumn!
Photos: Forever21


Jag hittade en härlig höstlista hos Therez som jag tänkte fylla i :)
Stil: Allt som faller mig i smaken, vilket oftast på hösten betyder stickat, boots och mycket svart.
Färger: Svart och grått är höstfärger i min garderob men jag bryter gärna av med något ljusare eller något i färg såsom vinröd.
Mönster/Material: Alla stickade plagg som kliar går bort helt, bekväma material ska det vara! Jag gillar detaljer i tygen såsom kabelstickat istället för stora mönster på hela klädesplagg.
Överdelar: Stickat, stickat, stickat och åter stickat! 
Nederdelar: Stuprörsjeans eller stickade strumpbyxor använder jag mig mycket av på hösten.
Ytterplagg: Beroende på temperaturen så blir det en blandning av skinnjacka och höstjackor i olika färger och former.
Skor: Boots är det som används mest av mig på hösten, gärna med kilklack eller varför inte ett par sneakers med inbyggd klack!
Accessoarer: Enkelt. Ett långt halsband, en snygg väska, ett detaljrikt armband, men inte allt på samma gång.
Jobb/fritid: Jag vill gärna ha någon detalj som sticker ut men det får inte bli för plottrigt.
Fest: Kjol eller klänning i enkla färger med snygga smycken och en liten axelremsväska.
Tre saker på inköpslistan: Om jag kan hitta det så skulle jag vilja ha lårhöga stövlar, en vinröd klänning och en snygg långärmad topp som passar till de flesta typer av byxor.

Two new necklaces

While waiting to board the plane in Lisboa I decided to have a look in the shop Accessorize. Said and done, and I came out with two new necklaces. One with an elephant that I had been looking at in Stockholm many times and a golden one with the word "love" on it. I've gotten the chance to use both of them this summer and I really like them! 

Gillar/Ogillar September 2013

Att det har varit soligt och fint nu i början av september
Att jag hittat två nya favoritförattare den här sommaren
Att matlusten verkar vara tillbaka
Att min säng verkligen är världens skönaste säng
Att vi går mot mörkare och kyligare tider
Att jag fortfarande inte hittat ett par knähöga stövlar som jag så länge velat ha
Att jag inte mår helt hundra ännu
Att dygnet inte har fler timmar


Photoshoot from last year


The body said no in the end and all I'm doing is trying to get better. University has started and I just hope all of this goes away soon so that I can put my energy on Uni again. We have the best late summer weather in Stockholm right now and it's such a shame to spend all this time at home in bed, even though that's what I need...


Nelson Freitas - Certeza

Summer 2013

The summer is soon over and I'm sitting here wondering what happened to it. 
I spent the first half of it with a loved one abroad and the rest I spent working, home and at the summer house. I've tried to get the perfect mix of it all before going back to university. Unfortunately my body has said no basically half of the summer. With a mix of migraine, feeling sick, tired and sleepy all the time, feel like I have no strenght... Well let's just say I'm a bit exhausted from time to time. I'm sure it will all get better with the time, even though I'm tired of not feeling 100% ok. For now I'm trying to relax and not do too much whenever I get the chance to and I think that's a good decision!

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