Hair favorites

My favorites, shampoo and conditioner from Amika. They smell absolutely amazing and works really good on my hair. Hairoil from L´anza, I've used it for years and my hair loves it!


It'sonly February, but it's warm enough outside so I'm able to walk around without the big winterjacket and the big wintershoes. Compared to last year this is pretty amazing. I remember the end of March last year when it was still a meter of snow outside! I do love snow because I love seasons, but after a rainy winter with barely any sun at all, I feel really happy that it's not really cold and a lot of snow outside. Somehow it feels like the spring and summer is just around the corner even though I know it's a while left.. We all know how fast time goes and I'm sure we'll be there any second now! :)

Be true to yourself

It's better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.
- André Gide

Miss Havana


El Beso del Final

Christina Aguilera - El Beso del Final

Spring clothes

The winter has barely been winter to be honest, well it should have been cold and snowy for months, but it hasn't.. Anyway, when it comes to clothes I want it to be spring already. Here are some things I would love to wear right now if the temperature would have been higher!
Photos: Forever21


Sore muscles.. That's an every day feeling for me nowdays and I love it. 

Imperfection is beauty

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genious and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. 
- Marilyn Monroe


Satellite (Spanish Version) - Santana feat. Jorge Moreno

On sale

I love finding things on sale even though I most of the time seem to find things to full price instead.. But this year after the christmas holiday I found a new pair of boots on sale that I really like! I have a pair of black boots but it sure is nice to have a pair in a different colour!

Silver and gold

Like I've said before, if I wear jewelry I normally wear golden or silver coloured ones and this is because it is way easier to match it to the rest of the outfit, at least that's my opinion. So even though I would like to try out some more colourful ones, I believe here are some examples of jewelry that I know I would be able to wear whenever really!
Photos: Forever21

On the streets of Havana

The streets of Havana were full of these amazing beauties!

A lesson for life

“My mama told me that sometimes people have to cry out all their tears to make room for a heart full of smiles.”
- Jamie Scott

Satellite (From "Havana Nights")

Santana feat. Jorge Moreno - Satellite (From "Havana Nights")

Gillar/Ogillar Februari 2014

Att det blir ljusare för varje dag som går
Att jag äntligen har börjat en salsakurs
Att jag har blivit bättre på att ta tag i saker
Att jag försöker se så mycket som möjligt positivt
Hur man ofta är så trött under vinterhalvåret
Att det är en hel del plugg att göra
Att jag inte hinner göra allt jag vill
Att det är långt kvar till sommaren

Before the warmth gets here..

... I want to wear something like this
Photos: Forever21


I've been working a few days and the time I haven't been working I've been in Uni or studying at home for Uni, so basically I haven't found any time to do anything. But today I had a day off, spend it at home doing some reading for Uni, like all the other days.. On top of that I've tried to made the time to relax and do everything else that needed to be done. There is really no ending to all of it, there is always more to do, more to read, more to study, more to prepare for something and so on.. The good thing about having so much going on is that I at least don't get bored :)

Be yourself every day

You were born an original, don't die a copy
- John Mason


The first month of the year is already over, it went by so fast but at the same time I went through a lot! I spent some days in Cuba, went home and finished the second semester of Uni, started my third semester at Uni, started a salsa course that I've wanted to start for years, been hanging out with friends, been to the cinema, worked and so much more. It feels like a good start on the year and I'm not tired of uni yet so that's good I guess ;)
The last week has been hectic, a lot to read for uni and a lot of other things to do except that. But after being off uni and work for some time it feels good to properly start again! Even though I love sleeping in in the morning and just not have any plans at all for a day or two. It's all about priorites, right? I guess I'll have to get used to making decisions when it comes to my priorities even though I think it's quite difficult. There are so many things I want to do, so many things I need to do and so many things I should do. I just have to find my balance and look at the bright side of life! ;)
Longing for spring and summer...

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