New in: white shorts

My first pair of white jeans shorts, looking forward to those sunny days and nice tan so I can wear them!

Keep on going

Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.

Warner Bros Studio - The Making of Harry Potter - part V


Si No Te Quisiera

Juan Magan - Si No Te Quisiera ft. Belinda Lapiz Conciente

Summer snapshots


Jewelry wants for the summer

Photos: Forever21

New summer dress

I guess shopping in Prague wasn't enough, because less than a week after I got home I came home with this dress after a couple of hours in town. I love how I can wear it any summer day, on the beach with a bikini underneath or a summer night with leggings underneth. And the pattern... I really like it!

Find your way

"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."
- Albus Dumbledore

Warner Bros Studio - The Making of Harry Potter - part IV


Romeo Santos y Drake

Romeo Santos - Odio Feat. Drake

Vacation mode


Wants for this summer

Photos: Forever21

New Salsa Tops

Two new black tops for dancing


"If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet"
- Rachel Wolchin

Warner Bros Studio - The Making of Harry Potter - part III


Recoge y Vete

Maikel Blanco y Salsa Mayor - Recoge y Vete

Summer things

Photos: Forever21

New long dress

My new long summer dress, I love the pattern!

See the world

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list."
- Susan Sontag

Warner Bros Studio - The Making of Harry Potter - part II


Eres Mía

Romeo Santos - Eres Mía

Wants this summer

Photos: Forever21

Gillar/Ogillar juli 2015

Att jag hade en otroligt bra resa i början av sommaren
Att jag klarade alla tentor innan sommaren
Att sommarvärmen har kommit och förhoppningsvis stannar ett tag
Att jag fått mycket extra jobb under sommaren
Att mycket jobb betyder lite ledighet
Att det känns som man är halvvägs genom sommaren fast värmen precis kommit
Att det inte verkar bli lika mycket dans under sommaren
Att man inte hinner träffa alla vänner så mycket som man skulle vilja för alla är upptagna med sitt


Fransar är verkligen min grej och jag lyckades hitta två toppar med fransar på resan som fick följa med hem!

The Earth

"The trees are the poems that the earth writes upon the sky"

Warner Bros Studio - The Making of Harry Potter - part I


7 dias

Romeo Santos - 7 dias
One of my favourite bachata songs!


Photos: Forever21

New top

I love black and I absolutely love this new top I found in Prague!

To help others

Our prime purpose in this life is to help other. 
And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.
- Dalai Lama

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