Cádiz - La Caleta

The famous beach, La Caleta.
The beach in the old part of Cádiz.
A famous place since the movies Knight and Day and James Bond Die Another Day among others have scenes from this beach.


Sometimes you need to stop be so brave and ask for help.

In Uppsala



The last couple of months I've been reading a lot, again. When I was younger I used to read all the time and I don't know how many boxes of books we have in the basement because I just can't throw away a good book.... Anyway! Now in Spain when I had the time, I picked up the reading. It's the perfect thing to do on the beach, especially since I easy get bored when there is nothing to do. Here at home I most of the time read on the subway, it's my way of relaxing in a stressful environment. Here are some books I've read during the last couple of months, I read in both swedish and english, biographies and novels.

Outfit - The day before yesterday

Shorts - New Yorker
Belt - Zara
Top - Bought from Stinalee

Senator Cádiz Spa Hotel

When my parents came to Cádiz to visit, they stayed at Senator Cádiz Spa Hotel. An amazing hotel in the old part of Cádiz, close to restaurants and shopping. On the roof they had a pool and in the basement a spa.


After spending my weekend off at the summer house and in Uppsala with family it's time to go back to work. Thankfully I was able to rest a lot this weekend, on saturday I drove to Uppsala and walked around in the town before celebrating and being around family for the rest of the day and night. On the sunday we took the boat out and got some tan from laying in the sun on a cliff on an island all sunday. I've also been reading books, eating amazing food as salmon, prawns and lamb, and fighting the mosquitos. 
During the last week the weather has been crazy. Two days we've had thunderstorm and rain, and another couple of days has been sunny and cloudy every 2-3 minutes and the last day was sunny but with a cold wind. It barely feels like summer here in Sweden so I'm very happy I've already been in Spain and also that I got enough shifts at work. A lot of work means less time with friends and family, but with the crazy weather it feels absolutely okay! I'm hoping that it atleast gets warmer outside because 7,5 degrees just after midnight is just not okay in the middle of the summer....!

Life always seem to find ways to surprise you

You thought nothing could surprise you anymore
and then something happened.
And it surprised you.
Everytime you think about it, it all seems unreal and mysterious.
Everything you've always believed in can change when someone walks into your life.
And everything can change when that someone decides to leave you.
Everything can happen when you do something you've never done before.
When you do something you normally wouldn't dare to do,
when a dream come true,
or when you make a decision you never thought you would have to make.
Life can never stop surprise you,
even though you always think the surprises are done by now.
It doesn't matter if you want it or not,
if you like it or not,
if it scares you or not,
Life will continue to surprise you.
Maybe not every day for the rest of your life,
but it will happen,
It will happen when you least expect it to,
maybe when you need it the most,
and maybe it will make a big change in your life.
But whatever happens,
It's meant to be that way.

Summer wants

It's summer now, and has been for a while, but here in Sweden the weather is completely upside down. One day it's sunny and warm and the next day the rain is falling down faster than you've ever seen before. The day after that a thunderstorm is coming and a few minutes later it's raining ice from the sky. Crazy, that's not even a good word to describe it, because it's much worse than that. Anyway, now when the weather is weird and bad half of the time I'm can't help but missing the real summer when you get the chans to wear all the summer clothes. Here are some I would love to have in my closet right now, or even better, in a suitcase on my way somewhere warmer than Sweden!
Photos: Forever21

From the airplane

Photos from the airplane before we landed in Barcelona last year.

Gillar/Ogillar July 2012

Att jag fick så mycket jobb i sommar
Att jag spenderat 4 månader i Spanien i år
Att jag har världens bästa vänner
Doften av nyklippt sommargräs
Att jag behövt använda gummistövlarna mer den här sommaren än hela förra hösten
Att det haglar så mycket att det blir snöhögar ute, i juli!
Att det känns som att hösten redan är här
Att jag inte vet vad jag vill plugga vidare till

While In Cádiz


Life with traffic lights

Sometimes I wish life had traffic lights, 
It would tell us when to go for it,
when to be careful,
and when to just stop.

Back to, that thing called, the normal life

I've been home in Sweden now for a while and there is so many things to do! Work has started again, I've been to the cinema to see The Hunger Games, Chernobyl Diaries, Prometheus, The Amazing Spider-man and Snow White and the Huntsman, been out with friends, celebrating birthday, karaoke night out, been to the summer house and so much more! Right now I'm working most of the time and I'm just trying to relax during the time I have left. That including spending time with everyone that I havn't seen for months. It's crazy how good you feel when you're around amazing people! With spanish music coming out from the speakers when I'm home, great tv series, people I love and just not too much stress makes me feel alive. Weird but thankfully it's the truth!

A little bit of magic

I dream about traveling, the world around, meet new people, see new places, experience a bit of everything and just happily living that crazy thing called life. I really do love home, but traveling? The competition is big, believe me! Suddenly places I've never been interested in before seem to have a hidden beauty...
What if you could close your eyes, just think about wherever you want to be and realize you are there when you open your eyes again.
What is the world without a little bit of magic?

Me enamoré

Charly Rodriguez - Me Enamoré

Lovely summer tops

During the summer you can most likely see me walking around in shorts or a dress most of the time. The last couple of years I have definitely found amazing ones and I probably I have too many but that's how it is when you love clothes. Just like everyone else I have my favorite pairs of shorts that I love to wear all the time. Because of that I put more focus on the tops and details, to make the outfit look different even with the same pair of shorts. Here are my favorite tops right now that I would love to have in my wardrobe, even though there is no way they all would fit in the wardrobe!

Photos: Forever21


The city Tarifa, famours for all their surfers, in the south of Spain. 
I went there to go on a boat and get the chance to see whales and dolphins in the wild.
An amazing experience and something I would love to do again!

New shoes

My favorite shoes broke in the middle of my stay in Spain, so I had to find a new pair really fast.
Apparently it was my lucky day because I found a really nice pair in the first store I went to, Marypaz. 

Stop belong to everyone else but yourself.

It's time to start living my life for me

Outfit swedish summer

Top - Zara
Jeans - Blend
Necklace - Palma, Mallorca
Boots - Scorett


Who are you? Stranger in my dream
And when are you coming for me?

Barcelona septiembre 2011

I just realized that I havn't uploaded any photos from my time in Barcelona except some outfit ones. How could I miss that?! I visited the big spanish city in september last year. It was my first time there, but I doubt it will be my last! Here are some nice photos from my first day in Barcelona!

Back in Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish summer is special, but it will never be like the spanish summer...


unlike many others.

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