Cádiz by night

Here in Cádiz most of the places are really beautiful, both day time and night time. Everywhere in world the differences between day time and night time is amazing, atleast to me. I love to see buildings, beaches, parks and everything else at night because often the light is amazing in those places at that point!

Here is parts of Cádiz, night time

Outfit La Fiesta Blanca

Topp - Stradivarius
Shorts - Only
Earring - Ur&Penn

Banana boat en Sancti Petri, Chiclana

Company for almost 2 weeks and thoughts about where I am now

After 2 very busy weeks I'm back to my "normal life" here in Cádiz. During these weeks my parents have been here to visit. We've had a great time, it felt really good to see them for the first time in 3 months! I've been showing them Cádiz, we've been eating out, been to the beach, walking around, having a spa day at the hotel, been to el Puerto de Santa Maria, Jerez and Torre Tavira. Ofc, during all this time I've also been in school daytime which have made it all a very busy time which I loved!

I can't wait to go home to see my family and friends, but at the same time I know I will miss this place.

I like Cádiz very much. It's a nice, small city where I feel safe (which I normally never do anymore, unfortunately) but with not many students here it feels like I half of the time just do nothing. Therefore, having my parents here, making me busy, felt amazing. Now I only have a few more weeks here and suddenly it feels like I just got here, isn't that weird? A few weeks ago I felt like I most probably won't come back here but now I've changed my mind. This is the perfect place for a calm and chilled vacation with the beach just a few minutes away and close to Tarifa, Gibraltar and Sevilla, three places I still havn't seen. It's the perfect place for someone who loves culture and to not have too many international turists around.

This weekend just flew by with Tapas night out on friday, La fiesta blanca later on, the "white village" Vejer on saturday, chinese food and a calm sunday just doing what I wanted to do. Now school have started again and this week it started with a test the first thing in the morning. It didn't feel good when I wrote it but the results I got wasn't as bad as I thought and now I also know what I need to study more on and sometimes that's just good.

Everytime I walk on the street, hearing people talk to each other and actually understand them, I start to smile and realize why I'm here. I'm here to learn spanish, to live the way spanish people do, to be able to understand different accents, to feel and learn about their cultur and that is exactly what I am doing now! I'm living that life I so long dreamed about, and I made it come true because I knew that if I wouldn't go I would always think what if.
I'm living on my own, in a country I've never lived in before, in a city where I before I came here didn't know anyone. That's pretty amazing. It's hard, frustrating, annoying, aweful and a lot more things... But at the same time it's amazing, it makes me smile, it makes me thinking and I like it.


I will never be the same again

Graduation dresses

My friends graduating this year and I know a lot of other people do as well. I remember my graduation last year very well but I also remember that the only thing the girls were talking about for months was the outfit for that special day. So i thought I should give some examples of what kind of dress I would want to wear If I would graduate this year :)

Photos: Nelly

From Zara

During the last year I've found nice things in the shop Zara. I remembered I used to go shopping there when I was younger but I guess I forgot how good it is. About a month ago, before I left Mallorca, I found a new pair of jeans there. Normally I have a really hard time finding jeans I like and that fits really good, but these ones were a bit more than okay which was fine with me since they cost just a bit less than 40 euros!

A couple of weeks ago when I went to San Fernando and Bahía Sur I acutally found another pair of jeans at Zara, that means I've found 3 pair of jeans there during the last year!

I really like it here in Cádiz!

3 (almost 4) weeks at the school have now passed by. I really like this school, I learn the things that I didn't in Mallorca because it was going to fast there, and now I feel more confident with my spanish. Here in Cádiz it also feels like we're talking more about things outside the classroom since half of the classes is conversation and we can speak about anything. We learn about each other, the spanish culture and we are forced to speak since we the last couple of weeks only been 2-3 students in the class. So be in school 4 hours a day is amazing and during the break we normally sit outside in the sun and having some fruit. I really like it here but since there aren't so many people here I've been missing my boyfriend, friends and family even more than before. 

Last week the summer arrived to Cádiz and we've had between 30 and 39 degrees every day! I have been to Spain before, 7 times, in the middle of summer and winter but never experienced this heat before. Not even in Thailand or Venezuela I thought the heat was like this, but it might be because the ocean here is freezing so there is now way to cool down when you're at the beach. A couple of days it has also been no wind which makes 39 degrees very hard to be in.... I love the heat and I think it's amazing, but sometimes it is too hot in the sun, even for me! Yesterday we went to Sancti Petri in Chiclana and the ocean there was warmer, so i went for the first swim and it was amazing to cool down!

So this passed weeks I've been going out for lunch or dinner a few times with people from the school, I've been to the beach at least 8 times, been to a place called San Fernando and Bahía Sur to go shopping for a whole day two weekends ago when there was raining (apparently people from Cádiz never have seen so much rain here at the same time before, it was crazy!) and also been to Jerez de la Frontera to go to the famous La Feria en Andalucia! Yesterday when we went to Sancti Petri I went kayaking and I also tried go on a banana boat for the first time! I've enjoyed everything and I'm really looking forward to the following weeks!

Afternoon on the beach

Yo te esperaré

Cali & El Dandee - Yo te esperaré

Spanish in the most beautiful language in the world and I'm so happy I'm learning it!

From Bershka

Bershka, one of my favorites shops here in Spain (and has been for a couple of years). They are not amazingly big and therefor they don't have so much clothes, but normally I find something that I like everytime I'm in Spain. Here are two things I found in Mallorca, the last week there. A nice summer dress and a tanktop with fringes. The best part with Bershka is that it's cheap but with good quality!

Movies here in Spain

Here in Spain it's hard to watch TV or go to the cinema if you don't speak spanish. In the cinema here it's most likely english subtitle, but if you're used to watch movies in their original language it'll just be horrible to hear another language and voice all the time. I normally go to the cinema a lot back home, at least one time a month, and I'm actually starting to miss it a lot, especially since there seems to be so many great movies on now! I'm really happy that there was a cinema in Mallorca which showed movies in the original language and that we went to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel! The movie was really great! Right now I so wish there was a cinema like that here in Cádiz, I want it even more now when there are not so many people in school... I would want to see The Hunger Games, Mirror Mirror and The Vow, all of them seem to be absolutely amazing!

But with the beach not too far away I should not complain at all. But who wants to go to the beach when it's raining....? Well I don't, I want to be home in bed or the sofa with a blanket and watch a great movie. I will definitely watch a lot of movies when I get home, movie nights with friends, boyfriend and family are amazing. I knew that before, but with not being able to do it for a while, you realize even more what you appreciate the most!

The lovely summer dresses

With around 20 degrees everyday here in Cádiz it's about time to put on some summerclothes. Especially since we're getting up to 30 degrees during the following week... Shorts, skirts, cute tops and of course, all the amazing summer dresses! Here are my favorites right now!

Photos: Forever21

Outfit Mallorca March

Dress - Barcelona
Jacket - Farsta, Stockholm
Shoes - Scorett
Leggings - MQ
Necklace - Albrekts Guld

How to please someone

How to please a woman:
Love her, die for her, take her to dinner,
miss the game for her,
buy her jewelry and be intrested in what she has to say.

How to please a man:
Show up naked and bring beer.

Photos from the beach in Cádiz

One week

I needed this week to get used to the new place, school and apartment.

I am now in Cádiz, in the south part of Spain. A nice, very small city with a port. I like it here, it's like nothing I've seen before and I still havn't seen much of the city to be honest. I like my apartment that I'm sharing with other people. Usually it's supposed to be with other people from school but in my apartment no one from school lives except me. School is very different from the one in Mallorca and much better. Here the teacher is focusing on what the students need to learn, not a book, and even if they barely speak any english at all they still manage to explain all the words so that we can understand.

So far I've been to the beach twice, having dinner with people from school, going out for tapas and with school last week we went to a market. Today it's the 1st of May and here in Spain (as in Sweden) everyone is off work. The difference here though is that no stores, no supermarkets or anything except resturantes are open.

I hope both the city and school has much to offer and even though I like that everything is calm (I really needed that during my first week to settle down a bit) I feel that something needs to happen now. I have some plans for the rest of the week and then there is only one week left til my mum gets here and only a few days later dad will too. It feels weird that I havn't seen them since february and now they will be here in no time. I'm really looking forward to it!

Here is my new home

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