Easter 2013

Easter and it has been sunny all weekend! First bbq for this year, relaxing, sleeping in, watching movies and trying to do as little as possible. Spending the weekend at the summer house, with half a meter of snow around the house. So much snow during the easter weekend feels a bit weird, but after all we do live in Sweden... Now after the weekend it's time to do everything that needs to be done. Study and work!

High heels

The snow is melting away and I think that it soon will be possible (or maybe I should say a lot easier) to use high heels outdoors. Here are some nice ones that I would love to have in my wardrobe for the spring season, before we can walk around in sandals again!
Photos: Forever21.com

Outfit from tuesday

Comfortable outfit
Top - Avanna
Shirt - Mum's old one
Leggings - Bikbok
Shoes - Esprit

My new shoes

About a week ago I bought new shoes, a pair of wedge sneakers that I have been looking for during the last 6 months or so. But before I tried this pair on, I couldn't find any that were comfortable enough.. But these, they are really good! I can't wait til the snow is completely gone and I can start wear them!


This was my breakfast for two weeks in Cape Verde, pancakes with chocolate and fruit.
So good!

Wish You Were Here

Avril Lavigne - Wish You Were Here


After some hectic weeks in school I finally have some kind of "holiday". I still have to study for exams, write essays and I don't know what, but at least I can do it without having to go to school for lectures and seminars every day. I started out my "holiday" by working and shopping and I plan on relax a lot during the following couple of weeks. The snow is melting every day and then it freezes again every night, seems like the snow won't be completely gone for a while... It's getting warmer, but it's still cold to be the end of march. I hope that it soon will change completely and be spring for sure! Even though it's still cold and snowy I'm very happy that it's sunny almost every day! :)
A cold winterday in January

Lista 10

10 saker jag tycker om:
- Kärlek
- Sommaren
- Musik
- Att resa
- Hänga med nära och kära
- Titta på bra filmer
- Läsa böcker som man bara "försvinner" i
- Fina budskap och quotes
- Frihet
- Att njuta av livet
9 saker jag tycker mindre om:
- Att vara ute i en snöstorm
- Att pengar har en sån stor del i livet
- Krig
- Allt som man borde göra
- Respektlöshet
- Att sommaren i Sverige är så kort och "sval"
- När saker och ting inte fungerar som det ska
- Sjukdomar
- Orättvisa
8 bloggar jag läser:
Maria Montazami
Sara Montazami
Hanna Montazami
7 saker jag vill göra i framtiden:
- Flytta hemifrån
- Resa jorden runt (och lite till!)
- Känna lycka
- Lära mig flera språk helt flytande
- Se en havssköldpadda ute i det fria
- Lära mig dansa salsa (gärna fler danser!)
- Känna att man gör skillnad
6 saker jag är rädd för:
- Hajar
- Att falla från höga höjder
- Olyckor
- Sjukdomar
- Att förlora nära och kära
- Att inte ha kontroll över viktiga saker
5 platser jag tycker om att vara på:
- I famnen på den bästa <3
- I solen
- I mitt hem
- Platser som betyder mycket
- Home is where the heart is
4 ord som beskriver mig:
- Kontrollfreak
- Viljestark
- Kärleksfull
- Omtänksam
3 saker jag ser fram emot:
- Att vara klar med en termin på universitetet
- Sommar
- Vacation
2 bra filmer:
- Step up
- Dirty Dancing
1 bra låt:
- Eternamente - Ricky Boy


Sometimes I'm fascinated by all the colours in life.
At times the colours make you look at a specific Place or maybe a part of a photograph but most of all, the colours somehow make you feel good. You can see the difference in things, it gives some life to old photos and you can find the deep parts.
Colours truly makes it alive.

Longing for summertime

 Imagine if it right now would be warm enough to walk around in clothes like this...
Photos: Forever21




Dagens humör: Riktigt trött men på bra humör
Dagens kläder: Ljusgrå jeans, svart linne, vinröd stickad tröja
Dagens frisyr: Utsläppt
Dagens tråkiga: Massa småsaker som behövt fixas
Dagens roliga: Att det idag tydligen är "steak and.... -day"
Dagens tv-program: NCIS
Dagens väder: Riktigt kallt
Dagens önskning: Att sommaren vore här
Dagens måste: Varva ner ordentligt

Outfit in Cape Verde

Dress - Mallorca
Cardigan - VILA
Shoes - Wedins
Handbag - Topshop

Things I want right now

Here are some things I want to have right now
Photos: Forever21

Sunrise in Cabo Verde

A beautiful sunrise in Boa Vista, Cabo Verde


Back in the part of life where I really have no time for anything. I'm studying, studying, studying, and yeh, studying! I've had my first exam and right now I'm writing essays and reading more than I thought was possible. Except all this I got sick last week and have had a fever for some time. I was just lucky I didn't have any deadlines in school during those days because all I did was to sleep in front of a bunch of movies. I've seen Skyfall, Niceville, Searching for Sugarman, Savages and a few more. Apart from being sick and study I've also had the chance to go and see two movies at the cinema during the last month or so, Cloud Atlas and Kon Tiki. 
The last two weeks the sun has been shining over Stockholm every day and it really feels that the spring is just around the corner even thought it's still below 0 most of the time. Waking up early and go to school or work is so much easier when it's not so dark outside. In just a few weeks it's already easter and after that spring is normally here for real!

Balada (Tchê tcherere tchê tchê)

Gusttavo Lima - Balada (Tchê tcherere tchê tchê)

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