Half the term at uni is already over, which is pretty crazy. But there is still crazy much to do, no course is over and I don't feel like I'm any closer to my goal of becoming fluent in Spanish or anywhere near getting all the credits needed. The last couple of months will be tough, I know it, but I'm also happy the first months were not too heavy. It gave me the chance to find my way back, change, live, feel. Simply getting back on track but to a better one than before. 
I've put away the winterjacket, I still dance a lot each week, I'm not used to the sun and feel more pale than ever. But I'm happy. I'm very happy. Happier than ever. High on life, happy for the people in it and every day I'm surprised by how lucky I am to feel how I feel. It's crazy how fast everyhing can change. How it can feel so right, so real, so perfect, so exciting, so calm, so loving. It's crazy how happy someone else can make you feel :)


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